Programme of WOFEX 2019 workshop

WOFEX 2019 takes place on Tuesday, September 10th, 2019, in rooms EC1, EC2 and EC3.

Room EC1
8:30-8:40 Registration of paper authors
8:40-8:55 Opening ceremony
FEECS award ceremony
8:55-9:10 Break
Room EC1 Room EC2 Room EC3
P1 - Electrical Power Engineering
Chair: prof. Ing. Radomír Goňo, Ph.D.
E - Electronics
Chair: Ing. Tomáš Mrověc, Ph.D.
B1 - Biomedical Engineering
Chair: doc. Ing. Martin Černý, Ph.D.
9:10 Ibrahim Jahan and Stanislav Misak
Power load shifting model based on power quality parameters short-term forecasting
9:20 Stanislav Nowak and Stanislav Kocman
Investigation of a Damaged Filter-compensation Unit
9:30 Michal Petružela
Energy Harvesting as an Energy Supply for Road Signalling
9:40 Karolína Gaiová and Michal Prauzek
Simulation Framework for Weather Forecasting Simulation Based on Historical Solar Irradiance Data
9:50 Vojtěch Blažek and Stanislav Mišák
Off-Grid System as Part of Warning Traffic System
9:10 Tomáš Klein
The Software Analysis of Electronic Diesel Control Systems
9:20 Tomas Harach
Detonation Combustion and its Influences on Exhaust Emission Formation
9:30 Jan Strossa and Vladislav Damec
Frequency Applicability of the TMS320F28335 DSC Built in A/D Converter
9:40 Daniel Kouřil and Jakub Bača
An ARM-based Embedded Microcontroller System Development Platform
9:10 Jan Velička, Radovan Hájovský, Martin Pieš and Štěpán Ožana
Wireless Measurement of Environmental Quantities by use of IQRF Technology
9:20 Jindřich Brablík and Radek Martinek
Multichannel System for Non-Invasive Fetal ECG and Adult ECG Monitoring Based on Commercially Available Biosignal Amplifier and Virtual Instrumentation
9:30 René Jaroš and Radek Martinek
Hybrid Methods for Processing of Fetal Electrocardiogram
9:40 Jaroslav Vondrak and Marek Penhaker
Application of Transformation Methods on Pathological ECG Records
9:50 Martina Ladrova and Radek Martinek
Biological Signal Processing Using MATLAB Modular Processing System: An Overview
10:00-10:10 Break
Room EC1 Room EC2 Room EC3
P2 - Electrical Power Engineering
Chair: prof. Ing. Radomír Goňo, Ph.D.
F - Applied Physics
Chair: doc. RNDr. Dalibor Ciprian, Ph.D.
B2 - Biomedical Engineering
Chair: doc. Ing. Martin Černý, Ph.D.
10:10 David Lazecký
Current Transformer – Protection Relay Protection Circuit Error Investigation
10:20 Jan Vysocký and Stanislav Mišák
An Estimation of the Appliance Start-up Impact on the THDV and Pst Values in Off-grid Environment
10:30 Michal Kotulla and Radomír Goňo
Fault distance measuring using fault module and protection relay
10:40 Petr Běčák
Modelling of large light sources radiation to the upper hemisphere - obtrusive light
10:10 Dmitry Markov, Jana Trojkova and Ondrej Zivotsky
Observation of Magnetic Domains using the Magnetic Force Microscopy
10:20 Michal Gryga, Dalibor Ciprian and Petr Hlubina
Bloch surface waves as a tool for refractive index sensing
10:30 Mojgan Abolghasem and Petr Alexa
Study of neutron-rich nuclei within the Skyrme-Hartree-Fock Model and the Algebraic Collective Model
10:10 Martin Schmidt and Marek Penhaker
Design of a Bioimpedance Measurement Device Based on AD5933 Impedance Converter
10:20 Radana Kahankova
Fetal Cardiac Activity Monitoring: An Overview
10:30 Alice Křesťanová and Marek Penhaker
Model of Retinal Vasculature from Images Taken by RetCam 3 with Us-ing the Morphological Operation Methods
10:40 David Oczka
Statistical analysis of electrogastrographic signals before and after food intake
10:50-11:00 Break
Room EC1 Room EC3
D - Electrical Machines, Apparatus and Drives
Chair: Ing. Tomáš Mrověc, Ph.D.
X - External participants
Chair: doc. Ing. Ludvík Koval, Ph.D.
11:00 Jakub Bača and Daniel Kouřil
Implementation of Induction Motor Speed Estimator Using Feedforward Neural Network
11:10 Sang Dang Ho
Online Stator Resistance Estimation By Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm For Induction Motor Drives
11:20 Dinh Cuong Tran
A Fault Tolerant Control Method Against the Failure of a Current Sensor in Induction Motor Drive
11:00 Agnieszka Rozanska
Artificial Intelligence in the field of expressing human emotions – overview of available frameworks
11:10 Jakub Osuchowski
Assessment of the effectiveness and accuracy of object detection on the example of a power line isolator detection system
11:20 Łukasz Miszuda
Vision Control of Industrial Processes
11:30-12:00 Lunch Break
Room EC1 Room EC2 Room EC3
M1 - Computational and Applied Mathematics
Chair: prof. Ing. Radim Briš, CSc.
I1 - Computer Science
Chair: doc. Ing. Jan Platoš, Ph.D.
C1 - Technical Cybernetics
Chair: doc. Ing. Ludvík Koval, Ph.D.
12:00 Tom Raiman
Use of generalized truncation for computer search for ((k,g))-graphs
12:10 Adéla Vrtková
Dealing with the variable selection problem in the analysis of mixed data
12:20 Jan Pacholek
Duality Based Solver for the Navier-Stokes Problem
12:30 Michal Béreš and Radim Blaheta
Modeling hydro-mechanical processes in fractured porous media
12:50 Petra Kozielová
Estimating Parameters of Gaussian Mixtures using Variational Bayesian Approach
12:40 Jakub Kruzik and David Horak
PCDeflation: A High-performance Deflation Preconditioner in PETSc
12:00 Michal Fait
Knowledge Base for the TIL-Script Inference Machine; Polymorphic Deduction System
12:10 Yujia Sun and Jan Platoš
Text Topic Detection Based on Topic Modeling and Feature Selection
12:20 Martin Bielik and Jan Platoš
Similarity comparison of LZ78, LZW and Fuzzy methods with different approaches of generating data
12:30 Radek Simkanič
Skeleton action recognition based on singular value decomposition
12:40 Lukas Revay
Swarm malware
12:50 Lubomír Sikora
Intelligent Malware
12:00 Pavel Kodytek
Evaluation of different methods used for recognition of lens types
12:10 Antonín Gavlas
Data processing using PLC and MCU based on IoT
12:20 Lukáš Šoustek
Smart sensors and technology of project Broadband LIGHT for “Smart City” concept
12:30 Jan Dedek and Jan Zidek
Battery Electric Vehicle Range Estimation
12:40 Jan Baros and Radek Martinek
Development of Power Quality analyser in BROADBANDLIGHT grid
12:50 Martin Vitasek, Michal Prauzek and Jaromir Konecny
Embedded systems powered by piezoelectric transducers
13:00-13:10 Break
Room EC1 Room EC2 Room EC3
M2 - Computational and Applied Mathematics
Chair: doc. Ing. Petr Beremlijski, Ph.D.
I2 - Computer Science, T - Communication Technology
Chair: doc. Ing. Jan Platoš, Ph.D.
C2 - Technical Cybernetics
Chair: doc. Ing. Ludvík Koval, Ph.D.
13:10 Stanislav Paláček
Fitting of potential energy surfaces using neural networks
13:20 Jakub Závada and Petr Kovář
On Almost Regular Graphs and on Social Networks
13:30 David Ulčák
High-order boundary element method
13:40 Ondřej Markovič
Quaternions and dynamics of particles
13:50 Simona Domesová
Acceleration of adaptive MCMC methods in Bayesian inversion using surrogate models
13:10 Vojtěch Kotík and Jan Platoš
Natural gas consumption forecasting
13:20 Lukas Tomaszek
On the Particle Swarm Optimization Control
13:30 Lukáš Zátopek and Michal Krátký
Comparison of range query performance for UB-tree and R-tree
13:40 Jakub Plesnı́k and Miloš Kudělka
Co-authorship Network Dataset - StanBerk
13:50 Jakub Jalowiczor and Miroslav Voznak
Development of LoRaWAN backend web application
13:10 Libor Chrástecký, Jaromír Konečný, Martin Stankuš and Michal Prauzek
A Hardware Communication Interface by NXP FlexIO Module
13:20 Tomas Docekal
Boundary value problem solving with additional optimization procedure
13:30 Radek Byrtus and Jakub Dohnal
Concept of low-power sensor system for Industry 4.0 based on industrial buses
13:40 Jakub Dohnal and Radek Byrtus
Concept of testbed for measuring of diagnostic data
13:50 Miroslav Schneider
Development and design of module for signal modulation
14:00-14:10 Break
Room EC1 Room EC3
M3 - Computational and Applied Mathematics
Chair: Ing. Oldřich Vlach, Ph.D.
C3 - Technical Cybernetics
Chair: doc. Ing. Ludvík Koval, Ph.D.
14:10 Ivo Peterek
Coupling Parareal and Schwarz method
14:20 Michaela Bailová
Mountain pass algorithm for boundary value problems with p-Laplacian
14:30 Erika Strakova and Dalibor Lukas
Modelling of transient piezoelectricity - acoustic problem
14:40 Marek Pecha
Proof of Concept: Balancing Predictive Relevance of Biochemical Activities Employing SVM Classification and Platt's Calibration
14:10 Matej Golembiovsky
Connecting demonstration stand for the education purposes to the university network
14:20 Lukas Danys and Radek Martinek
Visible Light Communication system based on SDR and LabVIEW

Excused: David Andrešič, Ladislav Behán, Monika Borová, Klára Fiedorová, Ladislav Foltyn, Tomáš Janečko, Jakub Kolář, Jakub Kolařík, Martin Kořený, Filip Krupa, Martin Mrovec, Jakub Němčík, Martin Novák, Tomáš Ondraczka, Pavel Pečínka, Samuel Przeczek, Stanislav Žabka