Author instructions

Since we expect the presentation of results of a PhD student, the paper will have only one PhD student as an co-author and the supervisor can be a co-author as well (and other persons which are not PhD students). The articles submitted and accepted on WOFEX are going to publish in e-proceedings with ISBN released before the workshop. An article has to be written only in the English language and we require the following: the good quality of language, the appropriate format of the article, good quality of table and figures, the compliance of well-known rules for writing of scientific texts (including the citation of references). In the opposite case, such an article will be not accepted on WOFEX. We also require a writing agreement of supervisor that she/he read the article, agree with the article, and an approve that this article can be published in the proceedings of WOFEX (i.e. it does not include some information of unpublished patents or similar). The range of each article is maximally 6 pages of B5 (see the web page for the template). It can be written in LaTeX or MS Word (doc/docx), in both cases both the sources and the output PDF file has to be included. The templates of LaTeX and MS Word are available

The structure of a paper:

The submission is possible only using a submission system accessible on the workshop web page. A few number of the best articles will be selected and the PhD students will be awarded with the dean of the faculty. The selection is done with a committee including guarantors of Phd study fields and the vice dean for research and PhD study of the faculty.

This year, a PhD student can decide (after a consultation with her/his supervisor) whether she/he will sent the article on WOFEX or sent an original article on the International Conference on Advanced Engineering – Theory and Applications conference, AETA 2018. If the paper is not accepted for the presentation at the conference, it will be moved on WOFEX.