Předběžný Program workshopu WOFEX 2016

WOFEX 2016 se koná ve úterý 6.9.2016 na místnostech B4-B6.

Místnost B4
8:30-8:40 Povinná registrace autorů příspěvků
8:40-8:55 Slavnostní zahájení
Vyhlášení cen děkana FEI
8:55-9:10 Přestávka
Místnost B4 Místnost B5 Místnost B6
P1 - Elektroenergetika
Chair: doc. Ing. Radomír Goňo, Ph.D.
M1 - Aplikovaná matematika
Chair: Ing. Jan Kracík, Ph.D.
T1 - Telekomunikační technika
Chair: Ing. Marek Dvorský, Ph.D.
09:10 Dung Vo Tien, Veleslav Mach, Radomir Gono, and Zbigniew Leonowicz
EMTP/ATP Simulation of Power Quality Disturbances in Medium Voltage Grid
09:20 Michal Špaček
Modeling of Cogeneration Units
09:30 Martin Kral and Radomir Gono
Electricity production by a small hydro power plant -- statistical inference
09:40 Jiří Plaček
Stray Currents Caused by Regenerative Brake in Electric Traction
09:50 Tomáš Mozdřeň
Simulation of transfer of energy by software EMTP-ATP on power converter
09:10 Tien Thanh Thach and Radim Bris
Bayes estimators of the mixture of failure rate model
09:20 Simona Domesová
A Bayesian inverse approach to material parameters estimation in Darcy flow problem
09:30 Rajko Ćosić
Parallel Tempering Algorithm in Path Integral Monte Carlo Simulations
09:40 Michal Béreš
Stochastic Galerkin method for random material problem
09:50 Daniel Krpelík
Bayesian formulation of image segmentation problem
10:00 Michal Běloch
Application of three-way contingency tables
09:10 Jan Jargus
Study of the colour correlated temperature in PDMS fiber depending on the concentration of the luminophore and on the distance from the face of the fiber
09:20 Ondřej Zbořil
Optoelectronic elements made from polydimethylsiloxane
09:30 Radek Pobořil
Aging of optical fibers due to radiation of high optical performance
09:40 Martin Novak
Measurements of the attenuation constant of the poly-dimethylsiloxane
09:50 Tomas Stratil, Petr Koudelka, Radek Martinek, and Vladimir Vasinek
Broadband over Visible Light
10:00 Peter Hajduk and Vladimir Vasinek
Optical vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication
10:10-10:20 Přestávka
Místnost B4 Místnost B5 Místnost B6
P2 - Elektroenergetika
Chair: doc. Ing. Radomír Goňo, Ph.D.
M2 - Aplikovaná matematika
Chair: doc. Ing. Petr Beremlijski, Ph.D.
T2 - Telekomunikační technika
Chair: Ing. Marek Dvorský, Ph.D.
10:20 Petr Kubalík
New concept of hybrid off-grid system in Technology Centre of Ostrava
10:30 Ladislav Novosád
Description of Measurements on Biogas Stations
10:40 Petr Hawliczek and Radomir Gono
Creating and Measuring Ultra-Low Voltage Step-Up Converter
10:20 Michal Kravčenko
Discrete mathematics in parallel Boundary Element Method
10:30 Michaela Bailová
Global Optimization Using Space Filling Curves
10:40 Pavla Jirůtková and Alexandros Markopoulos
Kernel detection of the stiffness matrix in the FETI methods
10:50 Martin Mrovec
Numerical solution of Hartree-Fock equations using the inexact restoration method and tensor numerical methods
11:00 Lukáš Malý
Domain Decomposition for Mixed Finite Elements in Elasticity
10:20 Jiri Slachta and Miroslav Voznak
IoT LoRa gateway on system for embedded devices
10:30 Lukas Sevcik, Miroslav Voznak, and Erik Chromy
Quality comparison of streaming video and streaming encrypted video using objective methods
10:40 Ales Vanderka
Testing FSO-WDM Communication Systems and Real Measurements Modulation Formats for FSO with using USRP
10:50 Lukas Orcik, Miroslav Voznak, and Erik Chromy
A New Approach to Speech Quality Evaluation
11:10-12:00 Oběd
Místnost B4 Místnost B5 Místnost B6
X - Externí účastníci
Chair: doc. Ing. Radomír Goňo, Ph.D.
M3 - Aplikovaná matematika
Chair: doc. Mgr. Petr Kovář, Ph.D.
I1 - Informatika
Chair: doc. Ing. Pavel Krömer, Ph.D.
12:00 Rafał Gasz
Detection of human silhouette in depth maps using HOG algorithm
12:10 Jakub Osuchowski and Sławomir Szymocha
Microsoft Kinect measurement accuracy for different shapes of objects
12:20 Sławomir Szymocha and Jakub Osuchowski
The use of glass with PDLC film in active dimming systems
12:30 Muhammad Taheruzzaman
Renewable Energy Integrated Microgrid for Rural Electrification and Productive use
12:00 Robert Skopal
Time series similarity measure using Dynamic Time Warping
12:10 Matěj Krbeček, Petr Kovář, Michal Kravčenko, and Adam Silber
The Minimization of The Maximal Out-degree in a Simple Graph
12:20 Ladislav Foltyn
Parallel space-time discretization methods
12:00 Jakub Hendrych
Neural Stegoclassifier
12:10 Jiří Hanzelka
Flexible Neural Tree and Betweenness Centrality Algorithms
12:20 Radoslav Štrba
Effort Estimation Supported by Artificial Intelligence and Machine-learning
12:30 Radim Kuncicky
Statistical Analysis of Steganalytical Method for Steghide Detection
12:40 Filip Zatloukal
The malware analysis based on static methods
12:50-13:00 Přestávka
Místnost B4 Místnost B5 Místnost B6
B - Biomedicínské technologie
Chair: Ing. Martin Černý, Ph.D.
I2 - Informatika
Chair: prof. Ing. Ivan Zelinka, Ph.D.
S1 - Elektrické stroje, přístroje a pohony
Chair: doc. Ing. Ivo Neborák, CSc.
13:00 Lucie Švecová
Measuring and analysing of muscle activity during shooting with air rifle in standing position with surface electromyography
13:10 Radek Hrabuška
Support vector machine based dementia detection from MRI scans
13:20 Tomas Urbanczyk
Environmental Analysis of Emergency Department and Development of Databases Based on IoT
13:30 Josef Kročil
LPC speech synthesis in MATLAB
13:40 Tomas Ondraczka
Automated image detection of the main bloodstream stem from CT angiography image
13:00 Lukas Tomaszek
Complex Network Models of Self Organizing Migrating Algorithms
13:10 Lukáš Kroczek
Basic Cellular Automaton rule extractor
13:20 Lumír Kojecký
Classification of Astroinformatic Big Data by Means of Analytic Programming
13:30 Vojtěch Uher
Nearest Neighbors Search Using the Regular Grids and Space Filling Curves
13:40 Michal Vašinek and Jan Platoš
Data Compression using Delimiters
13:50 Jan Janoušek
Clustering using ensemble of GMM
13:00 Hau Huu Vo
Direct Torque Control Methods for Speed Sensorless Control of Induction Motor Drive
13:10 Chau Si Thien Dong
Simulation of Sliding Mode Control Structure of Induction Motor Drive
13:20 Martin Koutný
Setting up the optimal operating point of the Adams motor generator
13:30 Ondrej Petrtyl
Experimental Verification of Luenberger Observer in Sensorless Control Structure of Induction Motor Drive
13:40 Thinh Cong Tran
Genetic Algorithm Application for Parameters Optimization of Speed Controller in Induction Motor Drive
13:50 Petr Chamrád
Vector control of synchronous motor with permanent magnets
14:00-14:10 Přestávka
Místnost B4 Místnost B5 Místnost B6
K/E - Technická kybernetika / Elektronika
Chair: doc. Ing. Ludvík Koval, Ph.D.
I3 - Informatika
Chair: doc. Dr. Ing. Eduard Sojka
S2 - Elektrické stroje, přístroje a pohony
Chair: doc. Ing. Ivo Neborák, CSc.
14:10 Martin Mikolajek
Atmospheric pressure measurement proposal
14:20 Jana Nowaková and Miroslav Pokorný
Modification of Kamada-Kawai Algorithm Using Barzilai-Borwein Method
14:30 Lukas Cab and Petr Simonik
Battery Management for Eletric Vehicle
14:40 Jiri Takac
Electronic Systems of Remotely Operated Vehicle
14:10 Martin Zwierzyna and Michal Krátký
Multiple Range Query Processing
14:20 Tomas Vantuch
Complex Network Based Feature Extraction for Fault Detection on Covered Conductors Medium Voltage Overhead Lines
14:30 Tomas Burianek
Solar Irradiance Forecasting in the Active Demand Side Management
14:40 Branislav Holý
Polar Lines Registration via Functions of Angles in 2D LIDAR Scans
14:50 Martin Šurkovský
Extraction of Abstract Models of Communication from Message-passing Applications
15:00 Josef Hrabal
Practical NFC reader design and the electromagnetic interference measurement
15:10 Petr Buček
Evolutionary Algorithms as a Classification Method
14:10 Jiri Hajovsky
Induction motor parameters estimation based on voltage step response and genetic algorithm
14:20 Peter Januška
Analysis of motor data identification process of frequency converter SINAMICS S120
14:30 Michal Ney
Ultracapacitors Cooperation with Photovoltaic and Hydrogen Technology in ENET Centre

Omluvili se: Richard Baleja, Martin Barteček, Lukáš Bednárek, Petr Bos, Lukas Cab, Jaroslav Frnda, Jan Fulneček, Lukáš Hájek, Tomáš Hanusek, David Hrubý, Tomáš Kajnar, Jan Kubíček, Oliver Marcinčin, Jan Nedoma, Tomas Ondraczka, Lukas Orcik, Jan Otýpka, Pavel Pečínka, Frantisek Perecar, Nikola Plívová, Yahia Salem, Lukas Sevcik, Jiří Šlachta, Jaromír Továrek, Dominik Uhrin, Zdeněk Urban, Jiří Takáč, Aleš Vanderka, Markéta Venclíková, Lukáš Wežranowski